Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 5: Animate 2d character in '3d'

[mel] hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa at least I meant well... not sure why the .gif isn't as smooth posted.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 4: Bridges (at least 3)

[sam] hehehe I was supposed to flesh the bottom one out but.... uh..... anyway I need more layout/perspective practice. :S

[mel] Instead of learning proper bridges I played with photoshop instead:

Day 3: Costumed Character (4 concepts + 3 poses)

[mel] 1750s middle-class Frenchman. This assignment was fun, but then I went to karaoke instead. The only good one is the second one from the left, which I tried to redraw in poses buuuuuut......... uhhh....

[sam] I found a funny minstrel guy hahahaha :D Looking through the whole book was fun and enlightening in itself.

I wish I spent a lot more time but it was something like 3AM already hahhahaahah

Day 2: Four-legged animal character (12 poses+rotation)

[sam] Okay uhh... I'm so sorry ..... ........... I couldn't post even half the poses hahahahaha
(concepts are on the right; I don't know why I put those uhhhh)

ew ew ew ew ew ew

[mel] HAHAHA oh misery yes I've seen sam's other doodles and they're definitely better :D
I found posing stupidly hard. My equally lazy contribution:

Day 1: 20 Hands x 3 Styles

[mel] Yes, I know they're not the greatest. This is a blog for slackers trying to work hard after all. Favorites are these blocky ones :) but the kid hands are atrocious!

^ garbage...

[sam] HEHEH hands were my most productive bootcamp day by far. When I drew some later there was a noticeable improvement. :D:D

(my blocky hands were the worst BY A LONG SHOT. They even look gross small.)

Thursday, April 26, 2012


This blog was created to prevent ultimate blobbiness syndrome - a disease that easily manifests in the artistic/creative person.

We self-assigned daily exercises to maintain dexterity and, although mediocre due to our slacker ways, hope drawing something is better than drawing nothing. We're posting everything! (almost everything.....) to get a sense of our default skill level (preeeeetty low) without filtering like our other blogs.